Customers who are beyond satisfied—Now that's the sweet stuff!

From My Clients and Former Employers:

Caren is a naturally gifted copywriter who raises the bar with her enthusiasm and professional demeanor. Even better than that is her versatility. She does a great job no matter what I throw at her, regardless which stage of the project I need her in. This makes her a no-risk choice for remote outsourcing during our busiest times.

  • Dave Fiore
  • VP, Creative Director - Ideation
  • Byte Interactive

Caren is a multi-talented resource. Functioning as both a content manager and project manager, she was able to facilitate and oversee a large influx of content and also oversee a 5 man team of resources for a very large B2B site we produced in a short period of time. Her skill set has been invaluable to me. I would highly recommend Caren as a copywriter, copyeditor, project manager or content manager for any large initiative you want to see produced successfully with a high client satisfaction return.

  • Alex Roda
  • VP, Production
  • Story WorldWide

Caren seems to know exactly that which I desire to have created. Her ability to manifest the product in a creative and informative manner is a talent, a gift, that she possesses. Her ability to listen and then to create what best serves my needs is amazing. I highly recommend this talented visionary for any project you are desiring to manifest.

  • Marlene Campbell
  • Ripple Effect Workshops

The entrepreneur sees opportunities everywhere they look. Many people can see only problems which impairs their vision of the possible. The Entrepreneur is able to discern between the problems and the opportunities. They use all of these experiences to bring their vision to fruition. Caren Dixon embodies the spirit of an Entrepreneur. She has the vision, the desire and the skills to turn any possible opportunity into a present reality.

  • Elizabeth Brady

I have not had a more professional, knowledgeable, thorough and delightful associate in my career...Caren has a rare combination of qualities that include accuracy and attention to detail as well as creativity and the ability to see the whole picture. She is a quick study and an astute problem solver...One of the qualities I will miss most about her is her anticipation of items I need...If you hire Caren, you will be gaining an extraordinary team member.

  • Pat Whitney
  • Director of Development
  • Visiting Nurse Assoc. of VT & NH

Caren has a strong desire to produce quality accurate information. She takes pride in the work she produces and is always willing to do what it takes to make the product the best possible...She is very capable of taking the abstract design of a project and coming back with a finished product. Her initiative and intuitive nature are only a few of her positive strengths.

  • Pam Caples
  • Director of Administrative Services
  • Willamalane Park & Recreation

Caren has received raving comments from our customers in terms of how she relates to them and meets their needs...As saddened as I am that Caren is leaving our area, I am excited about the potential she has to share...Caren would be a tremendous asset to any company with her skills and attitude toward both internal and external customers.

  • Gwynne M. Watson, RN
  • Assistant Vice President
  • PartnersFirst Management, Inc.