VIDA Program

Helping people achieve specific life and financial goals

St. Vincent de Paul works in coordination with CASA of Oregon to administer the VIDA (Valley Individual Development Account) program. VIDA is a matched savings program designed to prepare and support those who qualify in achieving specific life and financial goals.

An individual development account is a special "deposit only" account designed to match your savings. The match and your savings are then invested in the purchase of one of the following assets of your choice:

In order to qualify, you must:

Participants will be matched 3:1 for their savings, may save between 6 and 36 months, and may accrue up to $3,000 in match per 12 month period.

VIDA, Savings for Life

Please give us a call for more information:

Contact Person: Contact Person:
  • Colleen Stewart
  • Title: Program Manager
  • Phone: 541-687-5820 x 142
  • Email:
  • Jill Kragh
  • Title: Program Manager
  • Phone: 541-687-5820
  • Email: